Fill8 – Ecofriendly Void Filler by Pack8®


Eco- friendly protective packaging application brought to you by Pack8® as a void filler.

Fill8 is used for filling the void inside the shipping box or container. It prevents rattling of the product during transit. This paper filler is 100% recyclable and hence a very efficient eco-friendly substitute to plastic or other non-natural filler substances. Easy to tear and saves packaging time.


Eco- friendly protective packaging application brought to you by Pack8® as a void filler.

This paper-based application can absorb high amount of shock and protect sensitive products. It is reusable and sustainable compared to plastic fillers. Fill8 by Pack8® is made as per International Standards and can be used for a wide range of applications.

  • An eco-friendly void filler solution which can be used to fill the void space inside any shipping box or package.
  • Perforation at 10/12″ makes it easy to tear off at desired lengths.
  •  The main objective of this paper filler is to protect the products during transit, by filling up the void space inside the box to prevent rattling.

Easy to Use

The paper is perforated at equal intervals which tears easily. No need of scissors and saves time.

Shock Absorbent

The paper filler is a perfect and economical solution to prevent your parcel contents from logistically induced shocks.

100% Eco-friendly

Made from recyclable paper, Fill8 is the perfect substitute for plastic fillers.

Reduced Damage Rate

The shock absorbent quality of Fill8 helps in reducing the damage rate during transit.


A sustainable solution to replace bubble wrap completely for most of the e-commerce products.

Home Decor

To deliver the perfectly carved furniture and all glittering/rustic antiques. It is essential to safely fill the voids at the corner of packaging. Fill8 paper can be easily placed into carton as void filler for safe delivery.

Industrial Manufacturing

Hexagonal shape and mesh like interlocking structure protects all type of industrial component from any kind of impact or damage.


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