Elevate your e-commerce packaging with Pack8’s paper wrapping solutions. Our compact and easy-to-use built-in dispensers are perfect for small-scale applications, while our honeycomb paper provides superior protection and a delightful unboxing experience for your customers. Plus, our sustainable materials ensure you can feel good about your environmental impact.

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HexCush® Paper Bubble Wrap - by Pack8® - Honeycomb Cushioning Packing Paper - 50 meter

Length: 50 meter

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HexCush® Paper Bubble Wrap - by Pack8® - Honeycomb Cushioning Packing Paper - 100 meter

Length: 100 meter

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HexCush In Box - Honeycomb Packaging Paper Bubble Wrap by Pack8®

Hexcush in Box is an eco-friendly paper cushioning solution which is used to wrap multiple products together or individually.

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  • Advanced honeycomb mesh-like structure
  • Adaptable to a variety of product structures
  • Flexible with up to 50% stretchability
  • Made from recycled kraft paper

Industry Applications



For all the glass and shiny surfaces. Hexcush is easy to stretch, more flexible and soft, provide ample cushion to avoid scratches on products.


A sustainable solution to replace bubble wrap completely for most of the e-commerce products.


When people see a beautifully packaged product, it entices them to open it and creates an element of excitement. HexCush adds a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving.

Personal Care

Personal care packaging calls for a personal touch. HexCush In Box can provide an elegant visual appeal, while protecting the product from transit damage.



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