Unboxing sustainable Packaging in 2022 with Hexcush in Box by Pack8®

Sustainable packaging has greatly expanded giving rise to some wonderful out-of-the-box alternatives. Going forward, packaging will be designed to get the most out of the least. No longer will we face reams of wasteful material once we open a box. Packaging is finally going to be streamlined. And the most obvious way of getting onto sustainability is actually to look into the box. Quite evidently, looking at different alternatives and substitutes for a variety of your packaging materials.

By investing in eco-friendly packaging, you are showing your customers a sense of social responsibility. As a retailer, one way to instill this eco-friendly practices in your business is to limit the use of plastic in your product packaging, look into sustainable boxing, innovative designs and economical cushioning. This often includes eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap. But how useful are these products?

Paper-based packaging can be a responsible choice when it comes to environmentally friendly packaging. It can also provide convenient storage and allow for a more functional packaging that is appealing and easy to carry. If you work in retail, this makes it perfect to use for items that might scratch, like glass bottles, ceramics and other delicate items. Unlike bubble paper wrap– with it’s added thickness around several layers of such delicate products – the Hexcush in Boxwith it’s hexagonal cuts easily follows the contours of any item securing the package and placing it in an elegant box with very little space. It is particularly ideal for individually wrapping around fragile items, as it’s both aesthetically pleasing and self-holding.

How Eco-Friendly bubble wrap called Hexcush In Box is changing the market for honeycomb paper wrap

By switching to paper-based packaging to protect your products from breakage, it can also be highly effective and cost-saving for both the retailer and end-consumer. This is because paper-based product materials can usually cost less, and Hexcush in Box can be individually wrapped around each product, easily stacked or bundled together. Although paper is thin, when crumpled it becomes extremely resilient and durable and provides excellent cushioning in a box, efficiently placing them to secure items in the same compartment. Hexcush in Box adds even more protection, making it the most affordable minimalist package. This is an effective use of a product for retailers in the cosmetics, artworks and glassware business, with multiple purchases by a single customer.

The added protection that bubble wrap provides can be achieved with Pack8’s Hexcush in Box product where the hexagonal cells with added thickness interlock and very effectively protect fragile items— all while keeping weight and size down. Made with a layer of hexagonal-cut kraft paper, it can provide all of the protections and functions of a bubble wrap.

The vast majority of products that don’t ever fit perfectly into their boxes, require something to provide cushioning. Paper stuffing, for instance, has long been used as an alternative to bubble wrap to protect packages, fill space, or add an aesthetic touch. Packing paper is very easy to bend and crumple up. Hexcush in Box makes it easy to find the perfect fit for paper packaging your products, without overfilling the box with too much weight and risking the bottom tearing open.

Additionally, Hexcush in Box is an elegant look on kraft paper, with it’s hexagonal patterned cuts. The case in itself with a custom thickness can be used for display purposes, apart from packaging, for a variety of eco-products- wooden products, ceramics, glass jars, earthen- based cosmetics. The natural kraft paper, as an alternative to bubble wrap, is a mono material. The texture of paper pulp in itself adds to the grandeur and elevates the packaging style with a beautiful finish.  A feat bubble wrap can never achieve.

Hexcush in Box is single material packaging that makes recycling easier for both the buyer, the business and the producer. With its unique hexagonal mesh that interlocks to itself, it requires no tape or adhesive to showcase a final product. Hexcush in Box is that simple! This in comparison to boxes with bubble wraps and void fillers that altogether require a cumbersome effort, the sustainability message with paper wraps becomes even clearer because the whole package in theory can now be recyclable.

What’s more efficient than having one use for packaging? Having two uses for it. Reusable

Hexcush in Box that allows for a second life as repackaging gift wraps, creating another memorable unboxing experience with Hexcush in Box.

Now that’s a wrap on bubble wrap!

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